FREE LIVE webinar Sat – how to register and join

Posted by Michael Campbell

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MC horz cropped - 2013

MC horz cropped - 2013Immediately following the show on Saturday I will be joined by GPS Portfolio strategist Steve Deschesnes for a live webinar – which means you can watch us live on your computer. I’ll find out for you what key market indicators he is tracking right now. And more importantly, how you can follow exactly what he does in the days ahead. Plus ask some questions!

This is our first live webinar and due to the contraints of the technology only the first 500 listeners will be able to register.

Michael Campbell


1)    CLICK HERE to register or paste this address into your browser –

2)    Once you click Submit you will be sent an email with the subject – Web seminar scheduled: Market Overview with Disnat GPS Portfolio Strategist. This email will include the link you will use to join the webinar on Saturday. The webinar will begin immediately after the show at 10:15am pacific time on Sat Sept 14th. You will be able to join the webinar as soon as the show starts at 8:30am Pacific.


1)   Open your confirmation email and CLICK on the link
          Enter your name and email. The event password is – DISNAT.
          Click Join Now.
          Confirm your email address and click Submit

2)   JAVA requirement – If you do not have Java on your computer the system will ask you to add this small, free piece of software.
          CLICK Use Java link
          CLICK Run
          At this point you should be able to see the workshop slides on your screen
          You can adjust the volume on the page to hear through your computer speakers.

*N.B.   If you cannot hear through your computer you can listen over the phone!
         Dial 1-866-699-3239
         Enter 667 097 102

If you are having any difficulties please feel free to call the Disnat Customer Service at 1-866-873-7103 or call the MoneyTalks office 1-877-926-6849

If you would like more detailed instructions CLICK HERE for a complete visual demonstration.