Mining Juniors – Massive Gains – A MUST READ

Posted by Peter Grandich & Martin Mittelstaedt

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Screen shot 2012-02-21 at 5.44.38 AM

Junior Detour Gold Corp up eightfold since late 2008, Ventana Gold Corp up nearly hundredfold before a takeover. 

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Detour Gold Corp chart above


Peter Grandich: On January 2, in my “2012 Outlook”  I posted this commentary on what I know and believe about the junior resources industry. I thought it was so important, it is now a permanent link (on Peter’s navigation bar) called MUST READ.

Here is another article I consider a “must read” about junior resource stocks by Martin Mittelstaedt

Junior miners: The big score – and the big risk 

Detour Gold Corp. has risen eightfold since late 2008, buoyed by exploration success at an Ontario property. Ventana Gold Corp. rallied nearly hundredfold on the strength of a Columbian mineral find, before it was snapped up in a takeover last year.

With these kinds of outsized gains, investors can be forgiven for wondering where they might find the next Detours or Ventanas, companies able to turn a small grubstake into some very serious money.

The trouble is, junior explorers, while offering dramatic gains, pose a bewildering problem: The extreme difficulty of stock selection. Small mining outfits are the most common type of security listed on Canada’s two equity markets. There are about 2,100 junior mining companies in the country, outnumbering bigger mining companies with actual producing mines by nearly 10 to one.

To help investors along, here are some stock-picking tips from the pros – mining analysts whose job is to steer their clients into the most promising of the juniors.


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