Michael Campbell’s Money Talks

Michael Campbell’s Money Talks

Money Talks tackles everything to do with investing, markets, the economy and your money. How to make it, how to spend it, how to grow it, and how to avoid letting it get away. Well-connected, articulate and knowledgeable, Michael Campbell is one of Canada’s most respected business analysts. From real estate to the stock market, from interest rates to currencies - plus a dash of current affairs and the odd critique of economically illiterate and illiberal governments.

February 17th Episode

The Auditor General of Canada Karen Hogan talks with Mike about ArriveCAN and calls it “the worst mismanagement” of tax dollars she’s encountered in nearly 30 years of auditing. Mike asks the tough question, does anyone really care? Reuters senior correspondent Ernest Scheyder drops by for a realistic discussion on the challenges of securing the necessary minerals for the EV transition. Plus, Ozzie on the NDP’s little-known plan to cripple British Columbia’s economy.

February 10th Episode

Mike on BC premier David Eby’s surrender to the antisemitic mob. Indigenous and environmental law expert, Robin Junger on the BC NDP’s new economy-destroying legislation. And a quote the week featuring the nastiest scientist in the climate debate.

February 3rd Episode

Mike can’t believe he said this last week. Lobo Tiggre on government, gold and uranium. A quote of the week on a new government report recommending federal workers tell “the whole truth” – I guess as opposed to the half-baked BS we’ve been fed. And a goofy award on what could be the biggest taxpayer rip-off in history.

January 27th Episode

Mike asks if taxpayers can afford the cost of ignoring merit in government. Dr. Mike Moffat on housing and the impact of restricting temporary visas – too little, too late? Have you heard what Argentina’s President Javier Milei said at Davos that has elites cringing? You should. Plus a Shocking Stat, the Goofy Award, and much more.

January 20th Episode

Mike on the Davos crowd’s refusal to look in the mirror. Tony Greer called the bottom in the markets on November 14th. What’s next? Ozzie wonders why it costs government twice as much to build, and a Goofy Award that divides the country.

Tim Cestnick on Hidden Tax Grabs

When politicians say they’re not raising taxes, it’s simply not true. Tax expert Tim Cestnick on the hidden tax grab – make that grabs – because there are so many examples.

  • I know Mike is a very solid investor and respect his opinions very much. So if he says pay attention to this or that - I will.

    ~ Dale G.

  • I've started managing my own investments so view Michael's site as a one-stop shop from which to get information and perspectives.

    ~ Dave E.

  • Michael offers easy reading, honest, common sense information that anyone can use in a practical manner.

    ~ der_al.

  • A sane voice in a scrambled investment world.

    ~ Ed R.

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