Michael Campbell Interviews Don Coxe

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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doncoxeIn the full interview below, Don Coxe, chairman of Coxe Advisors LLP answers Michael’s penetrating questions about not only what is driving markets, but also how to interpret the big changes afoot and profit from them.  

One of the reasons Michael likes Don so much as a strategist and investor, is that he has been engaged at the senior level in global capital markets through every recession and boom since the onset of stagflation in 1972. Indeed Don was interpreting markets well before the 34 year Bull Market in Bonds began, the Bull market in Bonds that he thinks recently topped and entered into a Bear Market. 

Don begins answering Mike’s questions with an analogy, comparing Battlefield surgeons use of heroin on serious injuries with the Fed’s use of Quantative easing. This interview is only 19 minutes long really fascinating, particularily the last 4-5 minutes: