Mayan End of the World 2012 Prediction

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Economy and Elite Use of Religion to Control

The world will end on 21st December! Or so the Mayan calendar supposedly predicts, though is vague on what the actual mechanism for our extinction will be, with the hot money betting on being hit by a rogue planet called Nibiru, whilst many academics argue that the Mayan calendar actually does not predict that the end of world but the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. However these theories have not filtered through to the masses many thousands of miles away in places such as China where some are going so far as building arks to ride out the end of the world, in Russia selling doomsday kits, in France closing access to mountain passes to avoid panic amongst people fleeing to the mountains.


It is no wonder that a mini-mania exists for a look at Amazon shows over 60 books written on the prophecy and probably a similar number of films and documentaries produced on the subject, most notable of which is the 2009 hollywood movie named ‘2012’ that in graphic style promoted the break-up of the earths continental crust and not to mention the tens of thousands of youtube videos on the subject, even NASA has jumped onto the bandwagon by seeking to debunk the various scenarios.

NASA – Skeptic

Whilst the mania is not on the same scale as that which accompanied the millennium (2000) but it is enough to increasingly grip many people and the media as the world counts down to December 21st.

 Religion – End of the World Confirmed by Jesus!

On a serious note, the Mayan prophecy illustrates that virtually all religions have an ‘End of the World’ event built into their script as a means of fulfilling the prophecy of rewarding all of it’s followers and as a warning of the consequences to those who have deviated from their respective paths.

Why Did Humans Evolve Religion?

For religion is clearly an evolutionary development because all societies from before the dawn of history have had a desire for religious belief.

The traditional answer is that humans evolved religion as a means of coping with death of loved ones, which is true, as religion preys strongly on personal crisis in helping cope with the deaths of loved ones by promising that they will see their loved ones again.

Another reason often put forward is for a means of explaining the world around us as being created by an all powerful deity, because it was only until quite recently that we have had any real clue as to the nature of the forces at work around us that have crafted our environment and state of existence.

However, whilst both are important elements of why humanity evolved God and religion, they do not explain the primary purpose of religion and why religions have evolved into the multi-million and even multi-billion user corporate entities, with their respective user manuals, logo’s and ever expanding associated paraphernalia.

The Primary Reason Why Humanity Evolved Religion

For tens if not hundreds of thousands of years humans (homo-sapians) lived in relatively small groups of constantly on the move hunter gathers that numbered no more than a couple of hundred people at most, and these groups tended to be dominated by a single Alpha male who would be the strongest, best warrior / fighter and hunter of the group, the Chief of the tribe who would be responsible for most of the groups offspring, which is what evolution dictates would happen for the survival of the fittest to take place.

However, as humans discovered agriculture and started to settled down, then populations tended to grow far beyond the small hunter gatherer groups, which means that the tribes started to produce far more competing alpha males than used to be case that would result in much conflict within the groups and act as a limiting factor for growth of settlements as they would tend to continuously break into smaller groups each led by an alpha male. It took until human societies started to independently evolve religious ideas as a means of CONTROLING the behaviour of members of society, namely the alpha males such as that of rules of how people should behave that were said to be laid down by an all knowing and powerful deity, the creator, rules such as thou shall not kill, steal, and one man one wife, and off course to pay homage to the creator and follow the teachings and instructions of the deities prophets and priests, that were to be repeatedly recited and ingrained in all members of society, with similar universal rules emerging across all surviving societies, allowing them to expand as religious ideas of control spread to all those settlements that had yet to evolve means of religious control.

All religion’s seek to exert total control over every member of society as it was/is believed that all events that happen are as a consequence of the pleasure or displeasure of the Gods such as natural disasters in which respect societies even went so far as to sacrifice fellow humans to please their gods, and sacrifice remains at the fundamental core of all religions i.e. that humans sacrifice independant free will in this life for freedom in the next life, and to a achieve entry into the afterlife humans need to obey the will of the Gods as set down by those that purport to represent the deities such as Emperors, Kings & Queens and Priests under the fear of what would happen to them if they did now obey the will of the Gods as iterated by their representatives on earth.

This trend took place over tens of thousands of years, long before the Egyptian Pharos first appeared on the scene, and as we see in history that religions have gone through many innovations over the subsequent thousands of years, where each religion built upon what went before it, incorporating technologically advancements as a consequence of the increase in the size of populations as larger settlements become more productive in terms of food production, industry (tradable goods) and innovation, with the greatest innovation of all being the written alphabet by the Phoenicians that emerged some 4000 years ago and that literally lit the fuse under all religions as it that allowed religious ideas to spread far more rapidly and in ever greater intensity than was ever possible during the preceding 50,000 years where religions went on to document the word of god in a series of books.

Complete religious control even upto the point of self sacrifice (martyrdom) went hand in hand with expansion of the size of societies with many tweaks along the way that allowed some religions to better able to compete against other religions such as Judaism innovation of there being one God, rather than many gods that tended to be the norm some 2000-3000 years ago, which was followed by the next big innovation of Christianity that promised life after death for all and that anyone could become a Christian, which allowed it over the next 400 years to go from an small persecuted Jewish sect to replace all of the myriad of gods of the Roman Empire as the ultimate means of the lever for control by the Elite over the tens of millions of Roman citizens. Which eventually itself was challenged by the next great innovation that was Islam that presented it’s followers with an even more unified highly ritualistic way of life and accompanied by just as dire consequences for those that did not follow Islam’s teachings.

Obeying a Societies Elite is Genetic – We are Born Followers!

The larger a society becomes the more intense the unifying rules and rituals become that aim to break down the ethnic and tribal barriers between peoples of a society, where for much of civilisations march though time it has been the prevailing belief that mans every actions are being constantly monitored by an all knowing, and infinitely powerful deity who will pass judgement on the day the world ends.

God and religion are an evolutionary survival mechanism which is why we are where we are today, for without god and religion we would never have progressed beyond the small hunter gather groups dominated by single Alpha males that is the case with the Great Apes today and can be seen in recently discovered isolated rain forest tribes who have literally stood still for tens of thousands of years due to failure to make the religious leap that allows groups of greater size than that controlled by a single Alpha male.

We have seen this in built tendency in all human societies, we have seen this in large empires such as the Soviet Union, and Communist China, that whilst officially stating themselves to be atheist, never-the-less still created their own religions around their prophets such as Lenin and Mae Tse Tung, and then utilised state security apparatus to perpetuate the threat and fear of an the all seeing and knowing state that knew of the general populations every actions so demanded complete obedience.

Over time this control of the masses through technology has continued to develop and intensify the hold on the general population’s actions, making it far easier for the elite to control every aspect of life through monetary mechanisms namely such as debt, as God in the West has gradually given way to the all seeing and knowing power of the Elite controlled State.

In today’s society we are manipulated from cradle to grave by the state to serve the interests of the elite, we are educated to be docile citizens that will go on and work for the elite, to perform all of the duties that the elite request of us for pieces of paper.We are forced to work for the state for 1/3rd of our working life is spent paying taxes. We are forced to work for the elite as 1/3rd of our working life is spent servicing our debts.

We are constantly being bombarded with propaganda to be good citizens or face the dire consequences, because our every action is being watched and monitored 24/7 by technology from millions of CCTV cameras, internet browsing logs, phone conversation, mobile phone networks, GPS positioning, financial card transactions, and in your every interaction with the state’s apparatus and private corporations that is logged and which the state has constant access to determine whether our behaviour is subversive or not.

And it won’t be many more years before people are convinced that it is good to have chips implanted directly in our heads under the guise of the benefits of augmented reality, heads up information displays overlaying the real world, so that a persons every action and ultimately thoughts will be recorded and monitored, so as to reinforce the idea of only thinking good thoughts that the State / elite wants you to think else you will be subject to the wrath of the all powerful state’s thought police.

The only mechanism people actually have to see through the propaganda and the means of control, is pain, be it physical pain or financial pain, which is usually why those that experience pain tend to rebel against the elite, which is why the elite / State either tends to inflict severe pain on some sectors of society as a warning to the rest (i.e. Jews in 1930’s Germany, Gazans 2012 Palestine) so that fear motivates compliance from the rest, or the elite buys the compliance of the masses by means of printing money coupled with all pervading economic propaganda such as 2% Inflation is good that results in an stealth inflation theft of wealth and purchasing power and thus the independence of ordinary people for inflation benefits the state and the elite and not the masses who become reliant on state handouts to fill the ever widening gap between rising prices and earnings.

Economics is the Religion of Today’s Political High Priests

Economics is a form of religion, a means for controlling the masses, the fact that it is difficult for most people to recognise this despite the fact that economists have time and time again proven to be near 90% wrong, illustrates how successful economics is as a tool for state propaganda as the State continues to print money in its various forms such as debt to maintain its power over people. Know this the cause of inflation is pure and simple government money printing that benefits those that are leveraged to inflation i.e. the elite who own the means of production and assets.

The only mechanism that humans have for seeing through the propaganda is to experience PAIN and REWARD, which is something that vested interest academic economists and pseudo economists in the mainstream press rarely tend to experience as a consequence of another evolutionary development which is that people tend to easily forget when people are wrong if they experience little pain to imprint those memories.

Therefore people need to recognise a fundamental fact that as humans we are very easily susceptible towards being controlled by the state / elite because it is an evolutionary development and therefore it is hard wired in our genes. We have evolved into easily controllable individuals so that societies could be built in size that go far beyond the small hunter gather tribes as mentioned earlier.

The Problem with Evolving Religion

Whilst the God / religion evolutionary adaptation has in large part proved highly successful as illustrated by how far humans have progressed in full filling the primary purpose of life which is to spread. However as we have seen numerous times in history it can also go horribly wrong, such as Nazi Germany as the elite use fear to control the actions of people to their bidding.

The logical answer is for humans to evolve beyond the current prevailing set of religious beliefs that imply doomsday is inevitable, as illustrated by today’s obsession with the Mayan Prophecy, this despite the fact that the Mayan religious doctrine went extinct over a thousand years ago as Mayan peasant slaves saw through the smoke and mirrors of the Mayan elite and rebelled. As ultimately technology will at some point allow religious fanatics of whatever persuasion to manifest the doomsday that they so ardently await as prophesied by all religions.

The Future

Humanity is clearly starting to evolve out of a requirement for doomsday cults, which means traditional religions based on thousands of year old ideologies are increasingly likely to diminish in influence.

However ultimately this also means that human’s will complete the evolutionary transition towards the manifestation of every action and thought being monitored and known to an all powerful state. To those reading this today this may sound like a science fiction fantasy but this is how God will be replaced by technology, as technology fulfills what is written in our genes, as such a situation will not be something that is outside of human experience but actually mark a continuation of human evolution towards being able to create ever larger and more unified societies far removed from cultural and ethnic differences towards which evolution has been pushing mankind towards for tens of thousands of years.

The Day After – December 22nd

I think most reading this will agree that the Mayan end of the world calendar will pass without event, towards which the response of vested interests (book writers and religious fanatics) will be just as every response has been following such events which is to reinvent history and say that it meant something totally different, i.e. the beginnings of a new cycle, transformation of the world into … what ? And thus there will be a need for many more Mayan books to be written and sold that will imply that the Mayan calendar really meant that the world would end not this month but many centuries from now as the religiously motivated crave the next end of the world myth to focus upon and some even contemplating ways of manifesting it so that they can achieve their rapture.

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By Nadeem Walayat

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