Massive surge in risk taking

Posted by Lance Roberts

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Over the last few months, the markets have become engulfed by a palpable feeling of exuberance. I remember the last time investors were engulfed in a near “panic” to invest. It was 1998, where following a correction, the market began a seemingly endless run to the peak in 2000.

I’m not too fond of market analogs as no two market environments are ever the same. However, there are many comparisons currently to the late 90s to explain the current bull market. The chart is below.

1998 Correction, The 1998 Correction & The Run To The Peak

Gambling in the stock market may be fun in the short-term. However, it would be best if you always remembered why Las Vegas makes billions in profits every year.

If you play long enough, “the house always wins.”  FULL STORY