Mark Leibovit’s Annual Forecast Model – 48 hour offer

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bubblepopWhat Will The Stock Market and Gold, Do For the Balance of 2014?

If you knew the answer to that question, how would your investment or trading results be different?

Over the past twenty plus years Mark Leibovit’s Annual Forecast Model has provided Wall Street industry professionals with an accurate blueprint of major swing patterns during the course of the year months in advance. This report is sold by Mark for US$450.

For the next 48 hours, to celebrate Mark joining Michael’s Inside Edge team, you can get the 2014 version for only C$29.95. That’s right – only $29.95.

This is your opportunity to view the AFM forecasts for 2014 for the Dow Industrials, Gold, Palladium, U.S. Dollar, 30 Year Treasury Bond and Natural Gas. Just imagine how a road map to the stock market’s future performance would help your investment strategy.

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