Faber – How to Protect Yourself From Coming Disaster

Posted by Marc Faber via King World News

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mf2With gold and silver plunging, the US dollar strengthening, and oil still above $100 a barrel, today Marc Faber told King World News this will “end in disaster.”  This is part I of a series of written interviews that will be released today on KWN in which Faber discusses the end game, government theft, how investors can protect themselves, gold, silver, bail-ins, central planner actions, global markets, and much more.

Eric King:  “Marc, you were talking there about the endless printing of money.  Obviously it’s going to end in disaster, but when is that going to end?

Faber:  “I agree with you, it’s going to end in disaster.  But it’s not going to end at the hand of central bankers because I know very well how they think….

“They are not going to tighten monetary policies any time soon.  They are in the driver’s seat in the sense that they will always find an excuse to print more.  
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