Two Potent Signals: Armstrong’s Sell & Russell’s Buy

Posted by Martin Armstrong & Richard Russell

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The most read article’s this week are Richard Russell’s We Just Saw Ultimate Bottom In Gold & Silver and Martin Armstrong’s Sell Signal Elected: US Share Market for Week of Oct 13, 2014.
Here they are short summaries and link to each full article – Money Talks Editor:

rrRussell: Gold – I can’t prove it yet but I believe the last decline in gold knocked out the last of the gold bugs and gave gold, technically, a clean slate. I believe we saw the ultimate bottom of the gold bear market on Friday (Oct. 10th Ed.)

I believe this is the time to invest in gold and silver if you have not done so already. 

If I am correct, gold should act like the release of a compressed spring. Gold above 1300 would make me even more certain of my opinion, and gold above 1350 would represent a major buy signal…..continue reading HERE


Martin Armstrong: Sell Signal Elected: US Share Market for Week of Oct 13, 2014

UnknownWe have elected a Weekly sell signal in the Dow and this is warning that we may yet see that November low during the week of November 3rd.
The critical support now lies at 15961 and a weekly closing beneath this area will warn of a sharp correction that will make people’s nose bleed.
Nevertheless, our models show next week as a turning point with Directional Changes back-to-back for the next 2 weeks and high volatility for the week of 11/03……continue reading HERE

 …for those who want to read Martin’s latest on Gold go HERE