Look At This Stunning All-Time Record In The Gold Market (Remarkable Chart)

Posted by Jason Goepfert - SentimenTrader via King World News

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King-World-News-Legendary-Short-Seller-Says-A-Resumption-Of-The-Gold-Bull-Market-Is-Now-Underway-864x400 c

King-World-News-Legendary-Short-Seller-Says-A-Resumption-Of-The-Gold-Bull-Market-Is-Now-Underway-864x400 cOn the heels of a wild week of trading in Bitcoin, what is happening in gold and the mining shares is going largely unnoticed but it is an all-time record and truly stunning.

From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  Money keeps leaving the gold miners. Structural trouble in gold mining ETFs got a lot of media attention a couple of weeks ago, and investors have taken notice. The main gold mining ETFs have lost $5 billion in assets in less than 30 days…

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