Look At This Remarkable Chart As The Public Dumps Stocks! 5th Largest Outflow In The Past 10 Years!

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2015-Will-Be-A-Year-Of-Panic-Desperation-Radical-Change2-864x400 c

2015-Will-Be-A-Year-Of-Panic-Desperation-Radical-Change2-864x400 cFrom Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  “U.S. equity funds got punched again. There was a huge outflow from domestic funds that focus on stocks, the 5th-largest since 2007. Total fund assets have grown over that time, but even if we express the outflow as a % of total assets, it was large. There is a temptation to automatically consider such an outflow to be a contrary indicator (and bullish for stocks) but the history of other large weekly outflows has been mixed….

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