Leibovit: “Watch Out For Gold!”

Posted by Mark Leibovit via WND

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Mark Leibovit, ‘No. 1 gold market timer,’ offers essential advice.

Although relatively few people are still around who lived through the Great Depression, something ominously similar – and perhaps even worse – is staring today’s Americans in the face, especially now that Barack Obama has be re-elected for another four years as president. 

Whether you look at Greece, Italy and the rest of Europe – or the United States of America, where the Federal Reserve is launching another massive and open-ended round of money creation dubbed “QE3” – there’s no denying what’s coming: Thanks to the wildly irresponsible spending practices of most governments – with the Obama administration leading the charge – the world’s economic, financial and monetary system is disintegrating. 

And as this great fall occurs…..

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