28 Charts Every Gold Investor Must See & Gold Demand Trends

Posted by World Gold Council, GoldSilverWorlds, Business Insider

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Executive summary

Annual gold demand measured on a value basis increased to an all-time record of US$236.4bn in 2012. On a tonnage basis, demand totalled 4,405.5 tonnes (t) in 2012, down by 4% from 2011 as an increase in demand from institutional investors and central banks only partly offset a year-on-year decline in consumer demand. Major themes from 2012 are discussed below, including a dichotomous year in India, central bank purchases reaching a 48-year high and China’s persistent devotion to gold.

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28 Charts Every Gold Investor Must See

by Business Insider

US Funds Frank Holmes, an expert on commodities, recently presented a monster slide deck that made the ultimate bull case for gold.

We pulled the 28 very best charts from the 77-slide presentation.





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