Kicking and Screaming….”Bottoms in Place”

Posted by Eric Coffin - Hard Rock Analyst

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“With summer doldrums well and truly upon us markets have been drifting lower on low volume and trying to hold their May lows.  Most metals and certainly gold have performed better and seem to have bottoms in place. As we note in the updates there are three companies on the HRA list that have been getting a lot more attention from traders and several others that are getting traction based on results to com.”.

“Major markets have not been cooperating thanks to debt issues that won’t go away soon. There are plenty
of headwinds still but commodity prices, though lower, are all at levels that makes them hard to pin the
blame on for weak markets.”

“Gold has defended its recent lows well, though not without a couple of scares along the way. Whatever the day to day comments of central bankers, few can see a way out of the current crises that doesn’t involve massive money printing. The US may have the lowest yields but it’s done the least about controlling expenditures so Washington will be printing right along with everyone else. Gold will benefit.”

“The Dollar continues to be helped by its safe haven status. Every disappointment out of Europe has
generated upticks in the US Dollar Index which is now trading near a two year high”.

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