Keep on the Path -Master Yourself to Make Money in Markets

Posted by Adrienne Toghraie - Trader’s Success Coach

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shapeimage 22

shapeimage 22What do you need to keep on the path towards your goals? Ultimately, it comes down to you making the choice and sticking with it.

Most of us need a set of circumstances to work in our favor in order to get to the point of getting on the path. Of course, there are those who need to be slapped around by life a bit before they realize that drifting aimlessly does not work.

Let us look at some of the criteria that is necessary to get on a winning path:

Knowing there is a path

In the Fidelity ads they show a green path, which basically tells you that they will guide your future investments as soon as you become a customer. So what do they have that you need to acquire so you can do it on your own? You need to know what you want to achieve and you need a list of what you feel are achievable steps to get you there.

Creating a plan

A plan consisting of achievable steps leading to your end goals makes the path easier. With a plan you are less likely to deviate from the path and know when you do. Contingency planning for every possible scenario will give you the confidence to overcome the hurdles along the way.

Managing obstacles

Instead of looking at obstacles or difficult moments as problems, you must see them as challenges. Break each problem down into doable actions within the context of your overall plan. Remember to ask for help and delegate. You then give others an opportunity to give and to feel important in your life.

Having people who are rooting for you

Each of us needs or wants to have a cheerleading squad who roots for us when we are up and picks us up when we fall down. While you can be your own cheerleader, that extra positive energy you get from others gives you a great motivation towards your path.

Believing that you have what it takes

You have to believe that you have what it takes, or that you can get what it takes. A belief is what is true for you in your universe. When you can picture what you want and see yourself in that picture, you are on your way. When you dream about the same picture repeatedly adding more detail, you give your neurological system the map it needs to follow. When you limit your dreams you limit yourself.

Enjoying the process of successes along the way

The process must be enjoyable, satisfying and make you feel that you are heading towards the finish line. Most people need the incentive of rewards. Rewards come in many different packages and it is important to know what reward motivates you.

Rewards can be:

· The satisfaction of accomplishment of each step

· The recognition of someone whose opinion has value to you

· A physical reward like a book, a massage or a vacation


Sticking to a predetermined path towards each area of your life and having each area complement the other will guide you towards your goals. You only have one life in this body so you may as well enjoy the process of a path towards your ultimate goals.


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