Jim Rogers: US Dollar Collapse – “Putin Is On Exactly The Right Line” – China, Russia & The World Move Away From Greenback!

Posted by Jim Rogers via Susan Duclos

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UnknownJim Rogers, American businessman, investor and author, joins RT for a hard hitting interview where he explains that Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the right line over the extreme threat the US Dollar is under as China, Russia and many other countries in the world run from the US Greenback due to America being the “largest debtor nation in world history” which is getting worse and worse.

Rogers explains that the Dollar is a “seriously flawed currency” and nations need something else to use, which is why the recent trade deals being made by a variety of countries to bypass the dollar and trade using their own currencies is yet another nail in the dollar’s coffin.

Ed Note: For a short term Bullish Trading view of the Dollar read the top 1/2 of this article HERE