Jim Rogers Exclusive: It’s a “Race to Insanity”

Posted by Jim Rogers via Money Morning

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imagesIf you are invested in the lofty stock markets of the United States or Japan, legendary investor Jim Rogers has a message for you …

Euphoric gains always lead to hangover pains – it’s just a matter of when.

“This is artificial, as I’ve [repeatedly] said,” Rogers told Money Morningduring an exclusive interview Sunday night. “This is the first time in recorded history where nearly all the central banks in all countries are pumping out lots of money, debasing their currencies, printing money. I’ve never seen this in history, and now we’ve got everybody – or nearly everybody – doing it.”

In a wide-ranging interview from his home in Singapore, Rogers also told us that:

  • The currency-debasing policies of the world’s central banks are a “race to insanity” that will likely do maximum damage to the global economy.
  • Inflation is a much-deeper-seated problem than the “official” statistics show, which means that gold, energy and agricultural commodities are must-have holdings.
  • And that Russia is the most intriguing potential investment target on his radar screen right now.

But a substantial portion of this article and Roger’s talks was focused on the current bubble in stock prices, which Rogers concedes can continue for some time.

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Remarkably Jim Rogers is Michaels Money Talks Guest this weekend April 27th, and he wouldn’t if he wasn’t aware of the respect Micheal Campbell endgenders

Rogers first rose to fame when In a short 10 years Rogers Quantum Fund gained an astonishing 4200% vs the S&P 500’s gain of 50% during the same time period. 

So be sure to tune in to CKNW or  listen on the Money Talks Website to hear what he has to tell you and Michael in this exclusive Saturday interview beginning at 8:30 am PST. 

…..for the moment, read what he had to tell Money Morning recently about the “Race to Insanity”