Rogers on China’s Exciting Announcement

Posted by Jim Rogers

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 I am excited by what happened.

imagesChina`s Exciting Announcement

Chinese had an exciting announcement in 1978 and then in 1993, they said that this announcement is as significant and as exciting as what happened previously in those two years. So far what I have seen that corrects some sectors of the Chinese economy and as you all know if you can find a government that is going to spend a lot of money or give a lot of incentives to a sector you should put your money into that sector too. So the Chinese are clear that they are going to do something about railroads, healthcare, agriculture, pollution. They have made it pretty clear they are going to do something, so I would suggest that people read what they have said and then try to find some stocks in those areas. 
Ed Note: The above was a posting from Jim Rogers Blog on November 30, 2013


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