Is The Public About To Get Torched In A Stock Market Plunge? The Answer Will Shock You

Posted by King World News

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King-World-News-Gerald-Celente--Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-864x400 c

King-World-News-Gerald-Celente--Shocking-Swiss-Move-Only-The-Beginning-Of-A-Much-Larger-Global-Meltdown-864x400 cThe latest readings from the weekly American Association of Individual Investors survey show a drop in bullish opinion among mostly self-directed investors. At the same time, “everyone else” remains steadfastly, and extremely, bullish. While individuals are looked down upon as the dumb money, that has not been an accurate statement, especially over the past decade…

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