Initial “Sell” Signal Is In

Posted by Lance Roberts: The X Factor Report

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Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 8.04.51 AM

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 8.04.51 AM

After eight straight months of advance in the markets what the media absolutely believed could not happen finally has – the market quit going up. However, you can’t really blame the media for believing in an “unstoppable” rally, after all, like a “Bigfoot” sighting, they clearly saw evidence of an urban legend.

However, as we have been discussing for many weeks, such market advances that push prices to extreme divergences from their historic norms are ultimately due for a correction. Without such corrections the markets become distorted, unhealthy and subject to severe crashes.

This week we will review our analysis from last week, set targets for the current correction and discuss recommended actions for portfolios currently.

However, before we jump into the analysis I want to give you a few updates to the coming changes to the newsletter and website.

“” is merging into “” Only the look is changing – all the great features will remain the same.

This weekly newsletter will actually become three different HTML documents that you will be able to print, read on your tablet and phone, share with friends post to your social network. The three pieces will be:

            – Portfolio Management: Market analysis & Investing Strategy

            – Market/Sector Analysis: Analysis of 15 major sectors /markets

            – 401k Plan Manager: Expanded and improved model/analysis

Also, more frequent postings to the daily blog that are short reads, quick analysis or video/audio analysis of investing ideas, economics, strategies or tips.

As we get closer to the rollout of the new site I will keep you informed of all of the changes. I hope you will find the new website to be more useful and informative in the management of your financial future.

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