Incredible opportunities in a hidden corner of the world

Posted by Simon Black - Sovereign Man

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“for individual investors, the Republic of Georgia is ripe with opportunity” “when the Georgian government abolished its previous Byzantine tax code and adopted a simple, low, flat tax model, government tax doubled” investors are “still earning over 7% on their US dollar deposits”

GeorgiaSimon Black sent me to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to spend some time on the ground conducting due diligence on some potential private investments.

Georgia is a fantastic country that Simon has been to several times, and the opportunities here are simply amazing.

It’s not that Georgia has more opportunities than Europe, the US, and the rest of the world. Investment opportunities are everywhere.

The difference here is that Georgia is totally off the radar of most investors.

It’s a tiny country of 4 million people with a GDP of roughly $36 billion. That’s about half the size of the economy of New Hampshire.

And the total stock market capitalization is just a fraction of Uber’s most recent market value.

This means that it’s very difficult for large, institutional investors to put money to work in this country.

They need big scale… economies where they can easily deploy billions of dollars. There simply aren’t enough of those supersized opportunities here.

That’s why you won’t see a bunch of hedge fund managers on CNBC talking about their investment positions in the Republic of Georgia. It’s too small for them.

But for individual investors, Georgia is ripe with opportunity.

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