Incredible Events Now Unfolding

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Fed, LBMA, Comex & Banks On The Edge Of Disaster

London metals trader Andrew Maguire, who broke the news to King World News about two courageous JP Morgan  whistleblowers confessing that JPM manipulates the gold and silver markets, warned KWN that the Fed, LBMA, Comex, and the bullion banks are now on the edge of disaster.  He also told KWN exactly where massive central bank buying will come into the gold market.  Below is what Maguire had to say in this powerful interview.

Maguire:  “The downside for the central banks is that short-term interventions have further emptied the physical vaults (once) again.  And where is this gold coming from?  It’s coming out of unallocated bullion bank inventories (at the Comex).  The central banks may be leasing out gold, but it’s not leaving their vaults (at this time)….

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Incredible Events Now Unfolding In The Gold & Silver Markets

With gold and silver beginning to approach the key area where London metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News there would be massive central bank buying, today James Turk spoke with KWN about the incredible events which are unfolding.  Turk also sent KWN about silver a powerful chart to go with his commentary below.

Turk:  “There are so many important news events going on at the moment, Eric, that one has to pick and choose where to begin.  However, I think the most stunning development is your interview with Andrew Maguire.  For years there have been outcries that the CFTC is not doing enough to investigate the manipulation of the precious metal markets.  

But these complaints have been met by blatant stonewalling, as evidenced by a CFTC investigation of silver manipulation that has now been ongoing for 5 years…..

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As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”

The US government may have funded studies and propaganda material which says that people will not panic, loot or go hungry in the midst of a crisis, but the fact of the matter is that history has shown otherwise.

bankrunnorthrock2It’s often the case that, despite countless warnings from those considered to be fringe lunatics, the vast majority of the populace is blindsided by horrific, paradigm-altering events. The signs are almost always there, but people simply refuse to believe it can happen to them. ”It” always happens somewhere else, and we get to watch it play out on television from the comfort of our living rooms.

But, as financial guru and strategic investor Bill Fleckenstein points out in the following highly insightful interview with King World News, America’s fantasy of unlimited borrowing, consumption and confidence will soon be revealed for the sham that it really is.

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