If You Were Going to Buy a Mining Stock, Which Would It Be?

Posted by John Rubino - DollarCollapse.com

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Let’s say you’ve got some traditional mutual funds full of stocks and bonds and they’re way up. You’re worried by all the taper talk and the charts that show share prices and margin debt back up to pre-crash levels, and you’re wondering whether it’s time to redirect some of that capital to someplace that no one is calling a bubble.

Meanwhile, you’ve noticed that precious metals mining stocks are in another of their periodic corrections, with this one looking a lot like 2008’s bloodbath — which was followed by an epic bull market:


But with gold and silver below the production cost of a lot of miners, there’s a ton of risk to go with the seemingly huge upside. So committing to individual miners is terrifying. Still, that’s how it always looks at the bottom.

So if you’re going to buy one, which would it be?

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