Huge New Energy Supply – Bigger Than Fracking!

Posted by Jeff Siegel: Energy & Capital

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Burning hydrate inlay US Office Naval Research

They did it!

Last week something major happened off the coast of Japan…

Nearly 1,000 feet below the seabed, Japanese engineers successfully accomplished something that has the potential to turn this resource-poor island nation into a world leader in fossil fuel production.

Burning hydrate inlay US Office Naval ResearchAfter hundreds of millions of dollars and more than a decade of research and testing, Japan has officially extracted natural gas from underwater deposits of methane hydrate.

I know that doesn’t sound very exciting — but bear with me, because this event has officially marked the beginning of a new energy revolution that could actually be bigger than fracking!

Let me repeat that: bigger than fracking.

Flammable Ice

According to a 2010 International Energy Agency report, it’s estimated methane hydrates — also known as “flammable ice,” because it’s essentially a frozen gas — contain almost twice as much energy as all the world’s resources of gas, oil, and coal combined.

Let that sink in for a moment…

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