How to Value a Company & Sharpen Your Market Timing

Posted by Tannor Pilatzke - Guru Focus

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Ben Graham, Peter Lynch & of course Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger. Many more too in this is an exceptional collection of links to the very gifted’s opinions how to be successful evaluating companies & siezing the advantage in Markets. This author has put together a large collection. Just below is a very small portion of these links in this article. An article one might well review from time to time, especially when things get crazy – Editor Money Talks. 

BenjaminGrahamBen Graham


Peter Lynch

Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement

Creative cash-flow reportingfinancial shenanigans and Quality of Earnings.

1) What does each accounting sheet/statement hold?

2) Learning the components that make up each line item

3) How each line item can be manipulated for better or worse

….the extensive article & compilation of links HERE