How to Protect Against a China-Driven Crash

Posted by Money Morning

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imagesYesterday was the worst year-opening for trading in the U.S. markets in 84 years. It was prompted by a 7% drop in the Chinese CSI 300 benchmark index, which led to a halt in Chinese trading. 

And all it took to send Chinese stocks spiraling downward was a proposal to lift the ban on major stakeholders selling their shares of Chinese stocks – almost identical to a proposal implemented just six months ago to halt that sell-off. This isn’t working, and it could well be the start of a more precipitous drop. 

It’s important to remember that China is much more than the sum of its markets, but investors will have to contend with the chaos that’s spreading out from Chinese stocks. The research and recommendations in this report will help you do just that. You can even find ways to profit from the crash, too.

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