How To Play The Next Big Rally In Gold

Posted by Charles Kennedy

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The pandemic lockdown is killing the global economy, and while stocks are rebounding on the slim hope that everything will eventually go back to normal, Wall Street knows a fear bargain when it sees one, and this could be gold’s time to shine, while some other commodities get crushed.

Gold is trading at over $1,688 an ounce right now. And it’s going to hit $3,000 an ounce in about 18 months, according to the Bank of America.

So imagine buying it in the ground for $3-$4 an ounce instead.

When Wall Street goes bargain hunting, it’s looking for discount gold.

One way it does so is by targeting junior miners with in the ground gold assets, setting short-term price targets that make these global gold assets a cheap base price for investors who are fleeing the next potential economic meltdown.

Among the well-known Wall Street bargain shoppers are Cantor Fitzgerald and GMP Research, two authorities on the street that closely follow the world’s breakthrough gold developments…CLICK for complete article