How Global Events Affect Your Investments

Posted by Martin D. Weiss PH.D

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The Money Tsunami Returns!

Martin D. Weiss takes a look at global events and what the effect will be on your investments. What’s going on in places like Mosul, Ramadi, Russia, China and elsewhere really do affect you. Click here to read Martin’s analysis.

Drone Stocks Take Flight

Jon Markman examines the buzz taking place in the drone industry and turns the spotlight on some investments ideas. Click here to read more.

China vs. the United States?

War cycles are spreading globally. Now, tensions are building between two giants — China and the U.S. Where will it all lead? Larry Edelson examines the issue. Read his take on the situation by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.52.40 AMThe Greek Drama

Talk about a cliff-hanger ending. In terms of last-minute plot twists and turns, Game of Thrones has got nothing over the ongoing Greek debt drama playing out in Europe. Mike Burnick takes a look at what’s going on. Click here to read more.

Is Inflation Making a Comeback?

Yes, if you know where to look. That’s the view of Mike Larson. Click here to read his outlook and other views on the direction of the economy.

The Week’s Hot News

Money and Markets columnist Mike Larson takes a look at key financial and political events around the globe after the markets close. Here are the week’s highlights:

A Big Week: Greece, Oil, Jobs …

Get Mike’s take on the big events of this past week for the markets. Click here to read his outlook.

A “Let’s Make a Deal” Market

M&A activity is heating up on Wall Street. Is it a bullish indicator or a warning sign for your investments? Mike examines the issue. Read more by clicking here.

Key Levels Loom for Treasuries … What to do

The days of continually falling interest rates appear to be rapidly coming to an end. Treasury prices fell sharply (and yields consequently rose) this past week. What’s going on? Mike takes a look. Click here to read more.

Wondering Why You’re Not Getting Paid More?

Why aren’t you making more money in your job? Click here to find out.

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