Opportunities in Frontiers of Science

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Hidden Finds from the edge of Biotech & Neurotechnology….

Four Small-Cap Growth Names with Different Value Drivers: Keay Nakae
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/19/13)
It’s important to take the emotion out of investing. Keay Nakae, senior research analyst with Ascendiant Capital Markets, looks at micro- and small-cap biotech stocks from an engineer’s perspective: It’s all about the data. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nakae reports on four companies with upcoming catalysts that potentially position them for significant growth—and the ability to grab investors’ attention. More > 

Hidden Finds in Regenerative and Medical Technology: Jeff Cohen
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/12/13)
Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc.’s Jeff Cohen regularly explores the frontiers of regenerative and medical technology looking for solid investment opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cohen reveals promising finds in one of the world’s fastest-growing business sectors. From robotics to skin grafts, Cohen knows his science and his market. More > 

Griffin Securities’ Keith Markey Gives Performance Reviews on Four Favorite Biotech Names
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/12/13)
As science director for Griffin Securities, Keith Markey knows his way around the advanced technologies of the most promising research in biotech. In this interview withThe Life Sciences Report, Markey explains the science behind new developments in the antibiotic, diabetic and dermatological fields, highlighting ground-floor investment opportunities that investors will not want to miss. More > 

UnknownDigging Below the Surface of Neurotechnology: Casey Lynch
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/5/13)
Neuroscience is about as complex as it gets. The central nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord, where hundreds of billions of neurons are located—and that doesn’t include the peripheral nervous system. Casey Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, works to make sense of both the disease processes affecting the nervous system and potential therapies that could help patients and enrich investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch brings some clarity to the complexity, and speaks frankly about the wild goose that some Alzheimer’s disease investigators have been chasing. More > 

Scientific Conferences Create Buzz and Move Biotech Stocks: Michael King
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/5/13)
It’s that time again. From Labor Day through the New Year, analysts jet off to conferences across the U.S. and Europe to hear data they’ve been waiting on for years. Michael King, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at JMP Securities, has been at this game for almost two decades, and he has a firm grip on how data releases about molecules and their targets will affect the biotech stocks in his coverage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, King also names four growth companies making important advances in hematologic cancers. Just in time. More >