Here’s How Wide the Retirement Gap Is Between Men and Women

Posted by Darcie Crowe

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The gap in financial wellness is narrowing, but the data in this report still hits home hard – women need to save more than men AND do it faster.

Darcie Crowe, Crowe Wealth Management

womensaveMen are short of a standard goal by $270,000. Women? Half a million dollars, according to a new report.

So here’s what you need to do: Just save a lot more while earning a lot less.

While both men and women face big retirement-savings challenges, the hurdle is higher for many women. To have a decent standard of living in old age, women, who earn on average 78 cents to a man’s dollar, need to save $126 for every $100 men do. 

That’s the conclusion of a report analyzing savings shortfalls faced by both genders… CLICK HERE for the complete article