Heavier Helicopters Now Being Loaded

Posted by Gordon Long

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ART-2013-04-A-What OMF Means For GOLD-1

ART-2013-04-A-What OMF Means For GOLD-1We ended almost every one of nearly 100 webinars in 2011 with “Don’t Worry, They’ll Print the Money”. This is how confident my Co-Host, Ty Andros and I were that the global central banks had no other recourse but monetization.

We felt strongly that the western economies had passed the ‘event horizon’ and that the economic spiral was now inescapable.

Outright Monetary Financing or OMF is what presently lies in front of us as QE¥ ends and it has profound implications for precious metals.

The charts as we will show are signaling that the smart money sees this and are already quietly laying down their bets. These players include the central banks not presently part of the Currency Cartel. The path however is going to be tricky and the charts also show why.

The global central bankers are feverishly loading the helicopters, but these are helicopters like we have never seen before.

ART-2013-04-A-What OMF Means For GOLD-2

We have been carefully observing that the global central bank balance sheet expansions have exhibited the following:


  • Each new increase has been significantly larger,
  • Each new increase has come with diminishing intervals,
  • Each increase has been more coordinated between central banks,
  • Each central bank balance sheet appears to keep the total expansion within a well defined boundary condition,
  • Each time the TOTALRATE OF INCREASE approaches zero (see blue line below) it soon triggers the next increase.


ART-2013-04-A-What OMF Means For GOLD-3

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