Greg Weldon – Macro-US: Miracles

Posted by Greg Weldon via Weldon Financial

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 From the iconic seventies rock band Jefferson Starship … 

“If only you believed in miracles … 

… like I believe … 

… we’d get by.” 

The US stock market is currently singing this song. 

Indeed, we work our way backwards in today’s Money Monitor, starting with the markets, rather than the macro-data, by observing the chart on display below in which we plot the US S+P 500 stock index. 

We focus on today’s upside breakout attempt, an event we anticipated as per yesterday’s Weldon LIVE. The US stock market is banking on a miracle … 

… another monetary miracle, to be delivered by the Fed, via QEIII

Evidence the daily chart on display below revealing that the benchmark US stock index (futures contract) is making a run at key overhead resistance defined by the July 5th intraday high of 1375.00 … in synch with support generated by a increasingly bullish moving average dynamic, and in line with the completed downside Fibonacci retracement. 

Picture 1

Reviewing the chart of the S+P 500 exhibited at the bottom of the previous page, we spotlight the fact that the July 5th high of 1375 was established within the context of a key outside-downside reversal day. 

Indeed, we observe that, currently, the S+P 500 is well below today’s intraday high, which did in fact ‘breach’ the July 5th high. 

Food for thought … 

… particularly when we can dissect the deluge of macro-economic data emanating from the US in the last week, and clearly conclude that DEFLATION is becoming increasingly dominant, as the primary macro-force. 

Hence, it becomes an easy conclusion … the markets are pinning their hopes squarely on the shoulders of Ben Boom-Boom Bernanke. 

The US stock market is riding on the wings of hope … 

… and the rally could fly, for a while. 

But at the end of the day … the US stock market is DEPENDENT on yet another monetary miracle from the Federal Reserve. 

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