The Cycle of War & Political Change – Amazing What’s Happening

Posted by Martin Armstrong: Armstrong Economics

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The Future of the World Economy & Capitalism vs Marxism (that is the question(


Civil Unrest has been what our model was forecasting. What is happening everywhere is just amazing. Government is so out of control and all this is about is holding on to the reins of power. They have totally forgotten what “free” societies even were supposed to be, In Turkey we have massive riots against the President trying to impose Islamic rule as people demand separation between religion and state.

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The Future of the World Economy – Les misérables

Germany’s constitutional court has begun its hearing over the legality of the European Central Bank’s bond buying program today. The German high court is not the political football we have for a judiciary in the USA. They are rather independent. The head of the court said the success of the program wouldn’t be relevant for “Otherwise, the end would justify the means.” 

We are looking at a potential political power struggle between Germany and the euro zone. 

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Capitalism or Marxism – That is the Question


The need to educate the masses grows and has never been greater than right now. Frustration has Londoners rioting for freedom and against “capitalism”. They are unaware that the capitalism they know is Marxism in disguise and true capitalism brings freedom. The Marxist Agenda is more power to the state and they control everything. There are corrupt bankers and there are corrupt politicians. This does not justify handing all liberty to government to achieve what?

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