Your Moral & Intellectual Superiors are Increasing Your Taxes

Posted by Michael Campbell

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tax man

The Provincial Government released guidelines for the return to the old GST/PST system. Now the change is going to employ more tax collectors and administrators as we fill two Tax Bureaucracies instead of one. At an additional cost of  30 Million more Dollars each year just for Tax Collection, not for Healthcare, Homelessness or Education. 

That’s 300 Million over the next 10 years thats going to increase the Tax Bureaucracy instead.
Now obviously for the Anti- HST crusade lead by Adrian Dix, Bill Vander Zalm and Jim Sinclair, spending 300 Million more Tax dollars over the next 10 years on Tax collectors is money well spent. What each one of us has to decide is whether we agree. Personally I think that the money would’ve done a great deal to help the Homeless in Greater Vancouver. Then again the poor are clearly not the priority which is why the leaders of the Anti-HST movement ignored every single Tax expert who concluded that the HST was far better for low-income individuals and families. 
The HST is also far better for the Unemployed. The lowest estimate of job creation resulting from the HST was 24,000, which went up to 113,000. Now thats jobs for people who need them, have families to support. But as usual, they weren’t the priority either. Instead we are settling for a few hundred extra Tax collectors and  Administrators. 
Now I keep saying much to the chagrin of the terminally pretentious, that the poor and the unemployed are no more than a convenient political prop to pay lip service to. If you don’t agree I challenge you to check out the voting record of the Anti-HST leaders over the last 10 years. You’ll find that the poor were completely shut out being always less important than political gamesmanship. I’m Mike Campbell for Money Talks
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tax man