Martin Armstrong – Gold: The Pending Question

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What About Diamonds?



We did see diamonds reach a reaction high in 2011, yet that high should stand right now as prices move back to retest support. Keep in mind that this is correlating with gold to a large extent. Likewise, gold did not exceed the 1980 high of $2300 when adjusted for inflation.

Gold: The Pending Question



With your recent comments on gold; you seem to be implicitly suggesting people to sell their gold, since there is a good chance for it to bottom-out at a sub-$1000 level. Wouldn’t it make far more sense to hold onto it at least till November?

1) We don’t know for sure whether some of the central banks actually have all the gold they claim to hold:

2) Not all of the large scale gold transactions are performed overtly:

3) The gold accounts without physical holding/delivery go unaccounted in the total global demand for gold.

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….Martin’s answers the questions above including time/price HERE