Gold Stocks, High Yields, Retailers & More …

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This is a quick, executive summary of the week’s stories, with a link to the full articles online … 

Death of the Old Guard

The world’s elite money people gathered in cozy Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to discuss monetary policy. Are they in tune with what is really happening? Mike Larson takes a look at this Old Guard of monetary policy. Click here to read all about it.

image1aGold Mining Shares: New Great Buying Opportunities

The last time gold mining shares were as undervalued and neglected by investors as they are now was in 2008. The index of mining stocks then soared 266 percent in just two years. Will history repeat over the next few years? Mike Burnick examines the opportunities ahead for gold and mining stocks. Click here to read more.

Retailers in Focus

Many observers have dismissed traditional retailers as being unable to compete in the near environment, where on-line sellers are dominating over the brick-and-mortar peers. The sector is drawing particular attention right now, with the companies coming off their second-quarter reporting season. Are there opportunities left in the sector? What’s the future? Don Lucek takes a look. Click here to read more.

A High-Yield Investment

image25Do you know what a BDC is and the investment opportunities offered by the sector? Bill Hall takes a look. Click here to read more.

A Monster Investment

Here we are again with markets that react positively to negative news, especially now when many people are fretting over the possibility of interest-rate hikes. Jon Markman looks at this and other issues, including a Monster investment. Click here to read more.

Reflections on a World Going Mad …

What a mess the world is in today. It’s more important now than ever to protect and grow your wealth. How do you do that? Larry Edelson gives you a clear road map. Click here to read more.

Mike Larson — The Week’s Hot News

Money and Markets columnist Mike Larson takes a look at key financial and political events around the globe after the market close. Here are the week’s highlights:

Making Money From Energy Requires Tearing Up the Old Playbook! Click here.

Wage Earners Get Stiffed! Millionaires Get Rich (er)! Click here.

Sick of Paying Tolls? Then Buy Energy “Toll Road” Stocks! Click here.

Long-Term “Car-gage” Loans the Road to Disaster? Click here.

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