Gold & Silver: ” I Continue To Suggest a Sidelines Approach

Posted by Peter Grandich -

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Peter addresses Gold, Silver, Real Estate, Gold Exploration & your Children (From “Things” on Peter’s Website – Ed)
1. I continue to suggest a sidelines approach to gold until further notice. The bears are on offense and while the bulls defense has
    stopped them in the pass, that was then and this is now (and Bill Murphy is not Ray Lewis-lol).
3. Donald Coxe: Total Disconnect in Gold Exploration Funding 
    BMO advisor Don Coxe has coined the expression “Weakness is Strength” to  
    describe the current economic situation.

Attention American and Canadian Readers

by Peter Grandich

I’ve often spoken about the belief that traditional financial planning (what 99% of all investors use some version of) is a flawed process and can’t end up working in the long run for most.

I touch on this in my book “Confessions of a Wall Street Whiz Kid” in chapter 12. Here’s a link to a free pdf copy of the book.

Another hot-button topic of mine is about retirement and the illusion the financial industry has created about it in order to capture your assets under their supposed “care” to make your latter years nothing but joy. You may not like what I’m about to say but I find it to be 100% true – THERE’S LITTLE OR NO GOLD IN THE GOLDEN YEARS! And much of the strategies used by the financial services industry are very much more likely to benefit them far more than you!

If you’re a resident of North America, I may be able to assist you in a process that’s best suited for household incomes of $150,000+ a year and (or) a net worth of $1M+

We’re about to enter a period unlike any other and besides death and taxes being a sure thing, I know in my heart the masses will be seriously impacted by it. If I’m right and you’re doing what the masses are doing thanks to the financial industry north and south of the border, what does that say about your future?

Please email me at to learn more about a process that offers increased wealth, with less risk and no sacrifice to lifestyle. Please note American or Canadian resident.