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Posted by Patrick Cox - The Daily Reckoning

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Get-rich-quick investment advice is a fantasy. Get-rich-slow is a validated strategy for real wealth.

Today, it is more important than ever to keep the long-run perspective firmly in mind…

Lest you’ve forgotten, world financial markets are in a state of unparalleled disorder. More capital has been drained from markets, thanks to the irresponsibility of politicians and the acquiescence of naive citizens, than at any time in modern history. The damage done by bombers and tanks in world wars has been matched by the unintended consequences of central planning and bureaucracies.

Fortunately, however, the political and philosophical trend lines are all pointing to true long-term reform. The pendulum’s swing cannot be stopped, and the coming decades will be unmatched in terms of technological progress and wealth creation.

This is exactly the time to be investing in the future. Metaphorically, and sometimes actually, there is blood in the streets. You’ve probably heard that Baron Rothschild, the famously successful 18th-century British investor, said, “The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” In fact, some believe the original quote was, “Buy when there’s blood in the street, even if the blood is your own.”

Remember, investors who bought and held a diversified portfolio of disruptive technologies before and during the Great Depression got rich. Those who lost confidence because they weren’t seeing the quarterly gains typical in bull markets missed their golden opportunity to “buy low.”


This, I repeat, is a chance of historic magnitude to buy the companies that are going to change the world and power the recovery — like the one I am going to tell you about today.

One company has accomplished a major milestone: The demonstration that the company can produce purified cell populations…

As I’ve explained in discussions about other stem cell companies, the ability to produce pure cell populations is critical. The FDA is extremely concerned that the introduction of unpurified stem cells might cause inappropriate cell growths, or even cancers. Geron’s nonpurified stem cell lines did, in fact, produce microcysts in early tests.

For liver or any other stem cell therapy, therefore, it is critical that the cells used in a therapy are only the type needed for that therapy.

While I had little doubt that this company would solve this problem, I had no idea what the solution would be.

I spoke to the leading researcher who helped me understand this breakthrough technology. Essentially, this company has discovered how to replicate a feature of early embryonic development that begins the process of cell differentiation. Known as the “primitive streak,” it is the initial division of undifferentiated embryonic cells into “bilateral symmetry.” Some bioethicists, in fact, consider this event the “ensoulment” or beginning of life.

Regardless, the primitive streak has unique characteristics that provoke very specific movement of cells within the embryo. The important thing to know is that this company has created artificial primitive streaks. Therefore, they can provoke purified cells to migrate into purified cell populations.

This company also enrolled the first US-based donor in its program to establish the clinical-grade human parthenogenic stem cells capable of immune-matching most humans.

It has already gone through the rigorous bureaucratic and regulatory process to assure that the cells created by these donor cells are acceptable to the FDA.

Regulatory approvals were obtained from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee. Cell lines have already been collected offshore, but the American side is critical to the company’s road map.

Highly purified stem cells are not just effective replacement cells; they are young. People who use these cells for therapies will have organs and tissues with life spans that will extend for as much as a hundred years or more.

This will change the nature of medicine as we know it…

It’s the future of biotech. And I believe this amazing technology could eventually improve… and extend… every life of every person on earth…


Patrick Cox,
for The Daily Reckoning


Joel’s Note: We’re always eager to learn where Patrick’s latest investigation has taken him. Though we admit an impressive ignorance in the field of disruptive technologies ourselves, Patrick has amassed a rather impressive track record for both identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in this realm for readers of his Breakthrough Technology Alert.

In his most recent report — which just hit the virtual shelves this past weekend — Patrick claims he’s identified the “Last Stock You’ll Ever Need.”

That’s a big claim, you’ll surely agree.

Naturally, we’re skeptical…a trait our vocation and various avocations demand. That said, Patrick’s report is a fantastically, characteristically intriguing write up…even if you do decide to buy a stock or two after this one. Check it out here.