Former White House Budget Director Warns Greek Crisis Now Threatening The Entire Global Financial System

Posted by David Stockman via King World News

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King-World-News-Former-White-House-Official-Greek-Crisis-Is-Threatening-The-Entire-Global-Financial-System-1728x800 c

King-World-News-Former-White-House-Official-Greek-Crisis-Is-Threatening-The-Entire-Global-Financial-System-1728x800 cWith talks between the EU and Greece reaching the boiling point, the former White House Budget Director warned that the Greek crisis is now a threat to the entire global financial system.

Former White House Budget Director, David Stockman:  “The Greeks owe something like $350 billion.  $60 billion of it is owned by Greek banks.  The rest of it is (owned by) the EU — $210 billion — and another $30 or $40 billion by the IMF.

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