Ford Stops Orders For $20,000 Pickup Until Summer 2023 Due To Overwhelming Demand

Posted by Tyler Durden,

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When demand is so overwhelming that you have to stop taking pre-orders, that’s usually a good sign – even when you’re battling a supply chain crisis.

This was the case with Ford’s new Maverick pickup truck which, priced at $20,000, has attracted so much demand that the automaker has been forced to stop taking orders until 2023.

With auto prices skyrocketing over the last 18 months, the Wall Street Journal reports that the demand is a surefire sign that customers are “hungry for more-affordable options” in the auto market.

On Monday of this week, dealers were told that Ford is “suspending customer orders” because it is “already straining to fill a backlog”. The company will resume taking orders this summer.

Dean Stoneley, general manager of Ford trucks told the WSJ: “We didn’t want to take more orders than we could build. We’re getting customers who would have perhaps bought a used car and are now buying the Maverick because it is so affordable.”…read more.