Fertilizer: Another Hard Asset to Fight the Fed

Posted by Investor Intel & 321Gold

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Global population is exploding and demand to feed this growing population is in the early stages of an exponential uptrend.

Potash is a key non-replaceable ingredient in fertiliser, the primary commodity used by farmers worldwide to increase the yield of their fields. Crops that not only deliver fruit, vegetable and grains to the dinner table, but also feed chicken, pork and beef stocks that an ever growing population are demanding.

Companies in the business:

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Feeding the World

by Bob Moriarty 321Gold.com

“Phosphate is a rock that is chemically treated to become phosphate fertilizer. It takes almost two tons of phosphate rock to make one ton of fertilizer. Peak oil is real. Peak oil also means peak food. We have to increase the food grown on limited land to feed the increase in population. That means more use of fertilizer. Phosphate is desirable because of it’s phosphorous content needed for food production.”

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