Faber: The impact of declining Asset Prices…..

Posted by Marc Faber

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….on the Economy will be interesting to see.

“Maybe the US market will continue to go up. But obviously one day the­ markets will come down again and then the impact of declining asset prices on the economy will be interesting to see’’ – in The Australian Financial Review.

Faber has sold US stocks over the past few months as the rally on Wall Street reached record highs. But……

In Vietnam I think you will make some Money in Shares

“In Vietnam we also have some involvement in real estate – in hotels and land developments in the Danang area. Danang is midway between the north Hanoi and the south Saigon on the coast, and during the war used to be the largest American airport outside the US. That whole coast is called China beach. . . the development is really mind boggling,” “I don’t think the market will run away right away but if you take a long-term horizon, five to 10 years, I think you will make some money in Vietnamese shares.’’ – in The Australian Financial Review.

…..read the entire article in the Australian Financial Review HERE where he talks of Investing in Asia, his activities on the board of mining companies, corporate bonds & other issues.