Faber: Invest in Water – Its a Scarce Resource

Posted by Marc Faber via Bull Market Thinking

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UnknownMarc, given your world travel experience, how would you characterize the value of water as a natural resource and what do you think might be some of the opportunities and pitfalls in investing in that resource?
Marc Faber : Well, as you know, we still have colossal poverty in the world. Usually extreme poverty occurs in areas where you have no water. Water is very important, it’s a scarce resource. Countries that are endowed with a lot of water like Canada, or even the U.S., or some European countries like Switzerland (we have a lot of water), and are very fortunate.
Countries that have no water like the Sub-Saharan Africa, they are very unfortunate. So I believe that one should invest in water. I suppose there is an execution risk but I think water would be, if you want to have development aid, if you want to improve the standard of living of people, I would rather address the water problem, the proper water distribution, the irrigation, than to give them vaccines and gifts.    – in bullmarketthinking Click here to watch the full interview 

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