Exciting New Tools for Real Estate Investors, Owners and Industry Professionals

Posted by Grant Longhurst

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Real estate investing has been one of the core topics of Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks since it’s inception. Whether on our syndicated radio show, Global TV, our daily updated website, our subscription services or the annual World Outlook Financial Conference – we understand the importance of good real estate market insights and recommendations, and the critical role of real estate in the financial health of most Canadians.

That’s why we are very excited to introduce a brand new set of research tools for real estate investors, owners and industry professionals that takes analysis to a whole new level. A new style of forecast that produces actionable, real-time intelligence to help you decide WHEN to make that crucial buy, hold or sell decision. And perhaps more importantly, helps you identify WHERE those opportunities exist.

Dane Eitel of Eitel Insights first started contributing his unique market analysis to www.mikesmoneytalks.ca over a year ago. In very short order his posts became among the most-read and most-shared content on our site. In January of 2020 he became a contributor to Michael’s Inside Edge Subscription Service and is now one of it’s best reviewed contributors.

So what is so special about his research?

Dane has brought some of the most sophisticated technical, statistical and charting tools – which have been successfully employed in the stocks market for over a century – to the wealth of raw data generated by Canada’s real estate boards. The resulting analysis moves beyond simple ups and downs, comparables and stand-alone numbers. It provides real, clearly defined intelligence on market bottoms, tops and trends as it relates to price, inventory and sales – and then accurately forecasts the Relative Strength Index, Moving Averages and Supply & Demand for individual municipalities.

Bottom line?

Dane’s research has proven to be incredibly successful at predicting the best time to get in and get out of specific real estate markets. It has clearly identified price bottoms and tops. And it has proven accurate over a multi-year period.

Why is it available to you now?

Until now Dane’s work has only been available to his consulting clients, those who’ve hired him for specific projects or on a retainer basis. Since shortly after we first shared Dane’s work on MoneyTalks, we have been working with him to develop a platform that would be accessible by a wider audience of investors. That platform is now ready, and in Phase 1, has gone live with datasets and analysis for the entire Greater Vancouver region – 20 unique municipalities from Vancouver to Whistler to Tsawwassen to Pitt Meadows and everything in between. Dane provides monthly updates to all these cities, with regular new charts, new analysis and new insights for his subscribers. The research is available in it’s entirely – or for just a single market. You choose.

Special introductory offer

We have worked with Dane to make his research as attractive as possible for our audience. To that end, until August 31st, 2020 he has discounted his individual municipality reports by 50% – an incredible value for any investor or property owner with a specific target city and timeframe in mind. In addition, if you choose to become an on-going subscriber Dane has set up a special MoneyTalks-only discount code. Simply enter moneytalks when you are on the checkout page and get 25% off your annual subscription. These are both limited time offers so we encourage you to CLICK HERE to find out more.

How does this help you

If you are an real estate investor, have current real estate holdings, develop, market or advise on real estate in Greater Vancouver – these new technical tools will help you make better buys, sell at better times, establish better timelines and give you more confidence to execute on your strategy. We encourage you to learn more about Eitel Insights at his website – https://www.eitelinsights.com/. Dane’s direct contact information can be found there, and he welcomes your questions or requests for more information.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce this new and exciting analyst.

Grant Longhurst, President
MoneyTalks and HPC Inc.