Evolving Today, Strategizing for Tomorrow – A Webinar Invitation

Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

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Hawkeye Wealth

Looking to gain clarity on the current environment and its implications for the real estate market? Join Justin Smith of Hawkeye Wealth on Wednesday May 27th @ 11am. They have spent many hours analyzing data, perspectives, and strategies from some of the best minds in real estate to help us all make better investment decisions.

Registration is limited. Reserve your access today – CLICK HERE

Specifically, this webinar covers:

1. The State of the Nation
What’s the damage to the economy? How are various assets in commercial real estate performing? We will focus on Multifamily and Industrial. What’s the data for rent-collection rates?

2. How is industry adapting?
What are some best practices we’ve seen out there? How much of a difference is superior management making in terms of property performance?

3. What might the future look like?
What trends might emerge or accelerate due to Covid-19? How might they uniquely impact various property types?

4. Based on that future, what are Hawkeye’s plans for their investors?
Where do they potentially see the greatest opportunity for investors? What do they need to see before recommending a deal in today’s environment?