Empty Shelves in NZ: International Supply Chain Delays Broaden

Posted by Brenda Harwood, NZ Herald

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Temporary shipping delays caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – leading to shortages of products across New Zealand industries – are likely to continue until the end of the year, experts say.

Supply chain issues are affecting pet food supplies, the automotive repair and hardware industries, vehicle imports and building supplies.

Shipping delays were definitely affecting the automotive repair industry, Pit Stop Dunedin franchise owner Daniel Cresswell said.

It was particularly difficult to get vehicle parts from Asia through the dealership process, and he faced delays of up to 12 weeks for some items.

“We had a client who failed a warrant of fitness on an LED light for a wing mirror, a non-repairable part, and we were told 12 weeks for a new one to arrive,” Cresswell said.

“And we have been told that for numerous parts, especially out of Japan, when it normally takes only two weeks.”

Electronic automotive parts, such as devices to interface between a car’s wiring and a trailer, were hard to get because of a worldwide shortage of silicon chips, he said.

Cresswell said there were challenges with the supply of automotive oils and fluids in New Zealand as well.

“That’s something that could become a big problem – some industries use a massive amount of oil,” he said… CLICK for the complete article