Don’t say you weren’t warned

Posted by Michael Campbell

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martinaMartin Armstrong’s computer modelling successfully predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. It predicted the peak in Japan’s Neikei index and the dramatic rise in the price of oil from the lows in 1999. And at the World Outlook Conference in February, 2013 he said that by this year the world would be talking about the Ukraine.

On January 31st of this year he predicted the all out civil war and warned about Russia’s escalation, which he said would take place immediately following the Olympics. He was right.

Listen to one of the implications for investors he also predicted a month ago – click below…

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If you would like to see what Martin said about gold, stocks, government bonds, interest rates and the Canadian dollar you can watch the video right now – which also features Mark Leibovit, Ryan Irvine, Josef Schachter and many more of the finest analysts in the English-speaking world. All for only Cdn$118. Just click on EVENTS on the menu above.