Digital Advertising Comes of Age

Posted by Jon Hopkins, Proactive Investors

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Digital advertising generated an estimated US$273.29 billion in media advertising spending in 2018 and is expected to grow to $393 billion in 2021.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other large internet companies have capitalized on the value of their highly-trafficked sites by selling space to advertise goods and services. They have also developed elaborate platforms and programs to sell this advertising space.

Companies moving into the digital advertising arena have seen exceptional growth, but they have also had to deal with new technologies and the impact of changes to privacy policies by some of these big players. As a result, an AdTech market has emerged for software tools to help advertisers run online advertising campaigns on these sites, optimize advertising spending and improve the results of their campaigns.

CLICK HERE for the Proactive interview with Adcore chief executive officer Omri Brill. Israel-based Adcore Inc. (TSX:ADCO) (FRA:ADQ), provides search engine marketing software solutions and services via automation and machine learning technologies.

Using machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Adcore’s cloud-based suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products provides digital advertisers with smart algorithm powered automation tools, reporting, and analytics in order to help them improve online advertising effectiveness, maximize their return on advertising investment and scale-up their digital campaigns.