Danger Signal Now Flashing RED After One Of The Largest Increases In History!

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King-World-News-Former-White-Official-Exposes-Shocking-Real-Reason-For-Historic-58-Sigma-Move-By-Swiss-1728x800 c

King-World-News-Former-White-Official-Exposes-Shocking-Real-Reason-For-Historic-58-Sigma-Move-By-Swiss-1728x800 cToday King World News is pleased to share a fantastic piece that warns a major danger signal is now flashing RED after one of the largest increases in history!  This piece also includes a key illustration that all KWN readers around the world must see.

By Jason Goepfert Founder & CEO Of SentimenTrader 

March 1 (King World News) – We’ve discussed in previous reports over the past two years how traders in volatility products have tended to be the smart money, at least to the best of our limited knowledge in how they are using the products.

The three main exchange-traded funds based on the VIX “fear gauge” (VXX, UVXY and TVIX) have seen their shares outstanding ebb and flow over the past three years based on demand from traders.

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