Another Big Bear Goes Bullish – Victor Adair & Current Market Psychology

Posted by Victor Adair

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I bought gold and the S+P in my short term trading accounts this past week. I had been short gold from Feb 8 until I covered the position May 14 (see May 21 commentary)…and several times during that three month period I recommended avoiding “The Mistake You Are Dying to Make – Buying Gold Shares Because They Were So Cheap.”

I thought gold was overdone to the downside when I covered my short position two weeks ago. It had fallen nearly $400 per ounce from its Sept 2011 highs (highs which I thought would be “The” highs for a long time) but I also thought that gold had been sold, particularly since late February, because it was perceived to be a “risk asset” and I thought it might morph into being seen (once again) as a “safe haven.”

Last week I thought that the “selling frenzy” that had hit asset markets since the beginning of May was getting overdone and since I was on the sidelines (with a clear mind) I wondered if there was money to be made by buying  “risk assets”…but the challenge was “which ones?”

I was tempted to buy the EuroYen (while the Euro had been falling against the USD the Yen had been rising against the USD)…it represented a great opportunity to profit from a “snap-back” rally…but when I looked at the charts the EuroYen was in a strong downtrend…to buy into a strong downtrend would mean that I was putting on a trade because I thought the market SHOULD be doing something that it wasn’t…rarely a good trading strategy…so I passed on that idea.


.But the gold market was showing a “W” bottoming pattern…over a two week period…compared to the strong downtrend in the EuroYen… a much better signal of a change in trend…so I bought gold.


I also bought the S+P. It had been hit hard since the beginning of May and I liked the chart action on May 22 + 23 that created a “W” bottom…although not as strong a “W” as gold. I won’t stick around long if the S+P takes out last week’s lows but I could see the decline from the April highs as a correction to the uptrend that began last October…so if a rally gets started here it could run for a while.


Remember: these are short term speculative trades that I have made because I think I’ve seen a change in market psychology.

On the charts I see that gold has now bounced off the ~$1520 area three times…September and December of last year…and again two weeks ago. I had thought that if gold decisively broke below those levels it could set off a cascade of selling…and that may yet happen…so my initial long position is modest in size and I will take a small loss if it breaks those levels…remember…risk control…its only a trade.


For the past several months I have advised against buying gold shares because they were in a strong downtrend. The gold share indices made a “V” low the week of May 14 and have outperformed gold to the upside since. I understand the argument that gold shares or gold share indices represent a “higher beta” way to play a rally in gold…I don’t often trade shares or ETFs (I prefer trading futures and options rather than individual equities) but since I’ve bought gold I would rescind my caution against buying gold shares.



I was a gold bear for three months and now I’ve gone from bearish to bullish over a two week time period. That’s trading. And I may be stopped out of my long position tomorrow with a loss. That’s trading too. Or I may hold a long gold position (and/or a long S+P position) for the next few months.  That’s what happens in markets, PERCEPTIONS change. And as the villain we love to hate, Gordon Gekko says in the 1987 movie, Wall Street, ” Money isn’t lost or made, its simply transferred from one PERCEPTION to another!”

Best wishes for good health and good trading,


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